Born & Bread

Born & Bread: Hobbs House Bakery, Gloucestershire

Bread and pastry producer Hobbs House Bakery has evolved from a small shop in a family home to an award-winning bakery with two TV programmes to its name

Circa 1968: Charles and Sidney with family members and key staff
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Born & Bread: Geary’s Bakery, Leicestershire

Geary’s has blossomed over its 113-year lifespan, from a village bakery on the side of a family home to producing more than one million loaves and rolls a week for supermarkets and sandwich makers.

Bakers in Crail during World War II
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Born & Bread: Fisher & Donaldson, Fife

As Scottish bakery Fisher & Donaldson celebrates its centenary, director Ben Milne reveals the formula he believes will keep the business healthy for the next 100 years.

Born & Bread: Birds Bakery, Derby

From humble beginnings to a 65-store estate, Birds Bakery is marking its centenary year with the return of some old favourites and a trip down memory lane.

Delving into the archives of the National Bakery School

As the National Bakery School celebrates its 125th anniversary, British Baker looks back through the archives to discover what makes it such a special institution.

St John's Bakery in East London

Born & Bread: Uncle John’s Bakery, North London

Drawing on its Ghanaian roots, Uncle John’s Bakery has found a home in North London and grown from a husband and wife operation to supplying a national retailer.

Born & Bread: Cavan Bakery, Surrey

Bread is in the blood at Cavan Bakery. As the bakery celebrates its 90th anniversary, we find out how a love of bread blossomed into a thriving third-generation family business.

Born & Bread: Truffles Bakery, Sussex

Despite opening on April Fool’s Day 1982, Truffles Bakery is no joke. Nearly four decades later, the business has 13 shops, a restaurant and a booming lunch truck business.

Born & Bread: Coughlan’s Bakery, Surrey

Now in its third generation, Coughlan’s Bakery has grown from a single store in Thornton Heath to 22 stores, a bakery headquarters and two mobile sites

Born & Bread: Rinkoff Bakery, east London

From humble beginnings over 100 years ago, Rinkoff Bakery in the East End now supplies businesses and people across the district with bread, cakes and its fast-selling Crodough.

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