‘We need to reformulate products and get the fat and sugar levels down’

Following the appearance of Action on Sugar (AOS) chair Graham MacGregor at last month’s BSB Spring Conference, AOS campaign director Katharine Jenner looks at reformulation.

“This will lead to gluten-free breads with an improved nutrient profile”

Lydia Campbell, chief technology officer at Nandi Proteins, on work being undertaken to develop a gluten replacer for bread

‘In small bakery shops there will always be a risk of cross-contamination’

Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association, on the association’s concerns over the recently announced consultation on allergen labelling.

Opportunities & Challenges for the industry in 2019

Some of the leading names in British baking give their views on the issues that could shape the market this year.

'For bakers, a shattered wheat grain can be the difference between a good bake and a terrible one'

Matthew Chick, general manager at Carr’s Flour Mills’ Maldon Mil, on the impact the hot weather has had on the wheat crop, and how millers work to mitigate such impact.

‘Developing new wheat varieties is a major task’

Alex Waugh, director general of the National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers, on the potential benefits of sequencing the wheat genome – and why we may have to wait to see them

‘Sugar reduction doesn’t happen in isolation’

Amy Jackson, bakery technologist at Tate & Lyle, discusses the challenges facing bakers in sugar reduction and reformulation of bakery goods

Legal: ‘The issue with using insect-derived products is its status as a novel food’

John Mitchell, partner at law firm Blake Morgan, looks at the legal issues around enriching flour with insect protein

‘Organic pastry enables positive life choices’

Hamish Renton, managing director of food and drink industry consultancy HRA, looks at whether launches such as an organic bakery case from Pidy could represent a tipping point for organic baked goods in the UK

The wholemeal truth?

John Mitchell, partner at law firm Blake Morgan, looks at what constitutes ‘wholemeal’ flour under EU regulation

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